Free Guide: Release Anxiety Today 

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  • Master the powerful Feel Safe Again™ Mindset: Free yourself from the constant cycle of reliving painful memories for good
  • Find Peace Now: Release even the most intense anxiety so you can move freely through life without fear
  • Access the Key to Joy and Abundance: Master the simple practice that makes happiness feel inevitable

About Nurjahan Boulden

Nurjahan is the world's leading coach for survivors of gun violence. She was a 21 year old aspiring dancer when she was shot with an assault rifle in a random attack that killed the man next to her. She suffered from anxiety, depression, and physical pain from her injury for almost a decade before she discovered the tools and resources that empowered her to fully recover and finally start dancing again.

 Now she travels the country as a motivational speaker, conducting community resilience workshops, and leading online Feel Safe Again™ programs. Her story and work has been featured in a number of publications, including Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health Magazines.

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